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About Buta Vending 

The project Buta Vending belongs to TM GROUP LLC and was founded in May 2020. Buta Mask was the first produced product in the company’s project. It is more common to see Buta Vending machines at the entrances of supermarkets. These vending machines were produced with the idea of selling masks and hand sanitizers. 

By the August of 2021, company has introduced BT-100 model. This model is more functional and has a bigger capacity.

The Kios model is still at a stage of research and development and hasn’t been introduced to the market.

Inside the Subway Station

Our products:

Buta Mask 

able to sell 4 type of products. Accepts only coins – 0,10q, 0,20q and 0,50q. This model doesn’t have exchange giver and does’t have cooler. 


This model is able to make a sale of 40 type of products. Accepts cash and coin. Moreover this model has exchange giver which give exchanges in coins. BT-100 has a cooling system as well.


This model is able to make a sale of 250 type of products. Accepts cash and coin. Moreover this model has exchange giver that gives exchange in coins. It has onliner tracking system as well as cooling system.

Buta Vendingin Advantages

Selling ready business models is the main advantage of Buta Vending. It is a perfect option for people who are looking for an alternative income. Buta vending machines are fully automated.

Where Buta Vending machines are placed?

Here is the list of options where Buta vending machines can make money for you.

⦁    Hospitals

⦁    Schools and universities

⦁    Train stations

⦁    Undergroud passes

⦁    Airport

⦁    Bus stations

⦁    Business centers

⦁    All kind of waiting areas

⦁    All kind state buildings


In conclusion, all places with high flow of people is great opportunity to make money.


Azerbaijan market and Buta Vending 

The first traces of vending machines goes back to beginning of 20th century and till this day the business model has already been confirmed as a successfull business model.

In Azerbaijan the market share has a big gap in this area. The reason for weak development in this field of Azerbaijan market, is mainly due to not having the customer service, high costs involving the shipment and difficulty in importing the vending machines. 

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